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Bonnevoie, Luxembourg: The perfect balance between urban living and residential serenity

Bonnevoie, Luxembourg: The perfect balance between urban living and residential serenity

Welcome to the Bonnevoie district, a rare gem in the heart of Luxembourg City. As a real estate agency with a passion for the hidden treasures of this region, we're delighted to introduce you to Bonnevoie, a district that harmoniously combines history, culture and quality of life. Prepare to be seduced by Bonnevoie and look forward to a new life in this vibrant and diverse community.

History of Bonnevoie

Bonnevoie has a fascinating history, dating back to medieval times with the foundation of a Cistercian monastery in the 12th century. The district grew rapidly after the opening of the first railway station in 1859. Over the years, it has evolved from a fortified part of the city to a diverse neighbourhood.


Characteristics of the district

Bonnevoie is divided into two distinct parts: Bonnevoie-Nord/Verlorenkost and Bonnevoie-Sud. With a population of 18,250 inhabitants of 102 different nationalities, the district is a veritable cultural melting pot. This mix is reflected in the lively streets and markets where you can find a multitude of flavours from around the world. The urban infrastructure, including 5 daycares, 4 schools and well-maintained parks, makes Bonnevoie an ideal place for families. Did you also know that our Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, lives in Bonnevoie?


Strategic location

Strategically located in the south-east of Luxembourg City, behind Luxembourg Central Station, Bonnevoie enjoys a privileged position in the heart of the Grand-Ducal capital. Bonnevoie residents can easily take advantage of dynamic city life while enjoying a quiet, leafy residential environment. What's more, thanks to its well-developed public transport network, including bus, tram and train lines, Bonnevoie is connected to the whole region and offers easy travel to other areas of Luxembourg and beyond. This makes it an ideal choice of residence for those who want to live close to the city centre while preserving a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.


Daily life at Bonnevoie

The vibrancy of the local community is palpable at Bonnevoie. Residents are proud of their neighbourhood, and this is evident in the local shops, typical restaurants and lively markets. Popular restaurants include Le Beaulieu, Bouneweger Stuff and Les Rotondes, which offer a variety of cuisine to suit all tastes. For coffee lovers, the brand new Konrad Café, open since mid-July, has become a must. Les Rotondes, a cultural centre for artistic creation, also regularly animates the district with artistic and cultural events.


Green spaces and leisure facilities

The district offers a green escape right in the heart of the city. The Alzette valley and the Kaltreis water tower park are ideal places to relax in the heart of nature. Popular outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling find their paradise here. The importance of nature and greenery in Bonnevoie makes it a haven of peace in the middle of urban activity.


Property prices in the district

Bonnevoie has become the go-to neighbourhood for many young families looking for a lively, dynamic place to live. The appeal of this district is not only its atmosphere, but also its relatively more affordable property prices compared with the rest of the capital. It's a popular place to live, offering a variety of properties, from charming townhouses to modern private residences and flat blocks. Selling prices hover around €10,500 per square metre, while for those who prefer to rent, offers can be found at around €28 per square metre. With such diversity and attractive prices, Bonnevoie continues to attract new families looking for a dynamic, affordable home in the town.


Bonnevoie is an invitation to live an exceptional life in Luxembourg. Cultural diversity, green spaces and low property prices make Bonnevoie a popular place to live. As always, our team of property experts is on hand to help you find the ideal property to meet your needs and aspirations in this unique neighbourhood. We invite you to explore Bonnevoie up close and discover the property opportunities the area has to offer. Contact us today to make your Bonnevoie home dreams come true and become part of this friendly community.



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