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Discover Schuttrange: A Hidden Gem in Luxembourg

Discover Schuttrange: A Hidden Gem in Luxembourg

We invite you to explore the picturesque district of Schuttrange, located in the heart of Luxembourg. Nestled in a lush valley and surrounded by rolling hills, Schuttrange combines rural charm with urban accessibility. Whether you are looking for a new place to live or an investment property, Schuttrange has much to offer.


An ideal location

Schuttrange is only 10 kilometers from the capital, Luxembourg City. This proximity allows residents to enjoy the tranquility of a village while being just a short drive or public transport ride away from urban amenities. Additionally, Luxembourg Airport is only 15 minutes away, making business or leisure travel convenient.

A preserved natural environment

The district of Schuttrange is a true haven for nature lovers. With its numerous hiking trails, cycling paths, and green spaces, Schuttrange is perfect for outdoor activities. The Syr River, which runs through the municipality, adds a picturesque touch and offers opportunities for peaceful walks along its banks.

A dynamic and welcoming community

Schuttrange is known for its warm and dynamic community. Residents benefit from numerous community activities and local events throughout the year, fostering a spirit of conviviality and solidarity. Local schools, sports clubs, and cultural associations also contribute to the district's active social life.

A rich historical and cultural heritage

The district of Schuttrange boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. Points of interest include several well-preserved historical buildings, such as the 18th-century Saint Peter's Parish Church, and the remains of medieval castles. The municipality regularly organizes guided tours and cultural events to highlight its fascinating history.

Modern and convenient infrastructure

Despite its rural charm, Schuttrange has all the modern infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life. Residents have access to local shops, healthcare services, quality educational institutions, and modern sports facilities. The district is also well-served by public transport, making travel to surrounding areas easy.

Real estate opportunities in Schuttrange

The real estate market in Schuttrange is booming, offering a variety of options from characterful houses to modern apartments. Whether you're looking for a primary residence, a holiday home, or a rental investment, our real estate agency is here to guide you every step of the way. With growing demand for quality housing in peaceful environments, Schuttrange represents an ideal opportunity for savvy investors.


Schuttrange is a district that perfectly combines tradition and modernity, offering an idyllic living environment for its residents. Its natural surroundings, welcoming community, and modern infrastructure make it a prime destination for those looking to settle in Luxembourg. Feel free to contact us to learn more about real estate opportunities in Schuttrange and visit our website to discover our current listings.

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