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Discovering the Gasperich district in Luxembourg

Discovering the Gasperich district in Luxembourg

Welcome to the Gasperich district, a rare gem in the heart of Luxembourg. As a real estate agency dedicated to offering you the best housing opportunities, we invite you to explore the wonders of Gasperich. This district harmoniously combines historical heritage with modern innovation, offering an exceptional living environment. Discover how Gasperich, with its strategic location, cultural diversity and modern amenities, can become your next residential destination of choice in Luxembourg.

History of Gasperich

Gasperich's rich and varied history dates back many centuries. The district has evolved over the ages and was integrated into the city in 1920, growing from its modest beginnings to a dynamic urban centre. The district is divided into two distinct parts: the "old village" retains its traditional charm with its small buildings and houses from the 1950s, while the "Ban de Gasperich" embodies modernity with its business districts.


Characteristics of the district

Gasperich is a fascinating cultural mosaic, home to a population of almost 10,000 people from 124 different nationalities. The district is also home to many modern business districts, attracting renowned companies such as PwC and Deloitte. This combination of cultural diversity and professional opportunities makes Gasperich a popular place to live.


Strategic location

Located at the southern end of the capital, Gasperich occupies a strategic geographical position, bordering the southern districts of Hollerich, Gare and Bonnevoie. Its proximity to the Rocade Sud provides a fast connection to the central station, making it easy to travel to other parts of the city and the country. In addition, Gasperich is well served by numerous buses, and the planned arrival of the tram in 2024 will further enhance its connectivity.


Daily life in Gasperich

Gasperich offers a comprehensive living environment, with Luxembourg schools, several daycare, a foyer, and even a French school to meet the educational needs of residents. Since 2019, the district has also been home to Luxembourg's largest shopping centre, La Cloche d'Or, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Popular eateries include New Delhi, Comptoir Bohème and , offering a variety of cuisine.


Green spaces and leisure activities

For lovers of outdoor activities, Gasperich has no shortage of options. The district is close to the Kockelscheuer leisure complex, which offers tennis, bowling and golf facilities. A skate park and sports hall are also available for sports enthusiasts. In addition, Luxembourg's largest public park is currently under construction, providing a green oasis in the heart of the district. For animal lovers, the national animal shelter, Déierenasyl, is also located in Gasperich, allowing you to adopt or even just walk a dog.


Local property prices

Gasperich is not only an exceptional place to live, it's also an attractive property market. With many new flats on offer, you have the opportunity to acquire a modern, stylish property. Property prices in Gasperich are competitive, with an average purchase price of around €12,050 per square metre. For those opting to rent, average rents are around €34 per square metre. Investing in property in Gasperich means investing in a fast-growing area that offers the perfect balance between lifestyle and economic opportunities.


In conclusion, Gasperich is much more than just a district; it's a harmonious blend of history, cultural diversity, innovation and quality of life. This corner of Luxembourg is constantly evolving, offering unique opportunities to residents and businesses alike. If you're looking for a rich and stimulating living experience, Gasperich is certainly a neighbourhood to seriously consider. Come and discover all it has to offer and join the vibrant Gasperich community!


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