Moving with ease

1. Moving house is no small task

  • 1.1. In short

    Finally. You have found your new home and you are getting ready to move house. Couldn’t be simpler, you might think! The reality may well be very different.

    There is no short cut to moving house. Indeed, the earlier you start, the more prepared you are, the smoother and easier it will be. In general, you wish to relocate your home without any damage, loss or administrative hassles. You therefore have to take certain precautions.

    To avoid any disappointments, we are pleased to offer some tips, based on commonsense: what you must not forget before, during and after your house move.

2. Tips before, during and after your move

  • 2.1. Moving house by your own means

    Renting a van and calling upon some friends is the cheapest way to move house.
    That day you need to put in a lot of efforts and determination…

  • 2.2. Before your move
    • Rent the van
    • Call your relatives and/or friends
    • Get enough boxes
    • Pack as much as possible
    • Number your boxes and make a separate list of their contents
    • Write on the box the room in which it has to be deposited
    • Number the various parts when your disassemble your furniture and keep the screws in a bag
    • Keep important documents in a safe place (keys, marriage certificate, bank documents, educational certificates, etc.)
    • Do not forget to contact the responsible departments for reading and closing the meters of your former home and for connecting your new one to public distribution networks (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
    • Transfer your telephone line
    • Ask the post office to automatically redirect your mail to your new address
    • Contact your insurance company to transfer your home insurance policy to your new home.
  • 2.3. When you are in your new home
    • Change the keys of the entrance doors in your new home
    • Connect your fridge and freezer as soon as possible
    • Check that there is no damage to your furniture
    • First assemble your furniture
    • Keep your important documents in a safe place
    • Do not forget to register yourself in your new local authority
    • Meet your new neighbours…

3. Call upon professional service providers when moving house

  • 3.1. What you need to know

    Professional removal companies allow you to save on time and efforts. To avoid breakage, it is better to have recourse to a team of professional removers. Advice and know-how are indeed most welcome at such hectic times. Professionals are experienced and better organised. They also have the necessary equipment to ensure that there is no damage to your furniture and delicate objects.

    Moreover, in the event of breakage or damage caused by a remover, the damages are covered by the company’s insurance since the company is contractually liable for the goods under its responsibility.

  • 3.2. The factors to take into account
    • Take an appointment well in advance (if possible 2 months before you move house)
    • Ask for a detailed quote
    • Contact several removal companies to compare prices
    • Choose a company recognised for its good level of services
    • Be careful about the general and special terms and conditions
    • After your house move, unpack your boxes and check all furniture as soon as possible
    • In the event of dispute with your removal company, we advise you to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 3 days of the house move in order to inform it of the damage and request for the compensation provided for in the agreement.