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You would like to sell your property?

  • Estimate your property: Set the right price

    The sale of a property is an important choice. For a successful sale, take the time to make a precise estimate in correlation with the assets of your property and the market trend. Be careful to take new energy devices installed into consideration.

  • Carry out an energy assessment: More clarity for the future buyer

    To promote sustainable development, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg introduced new regulations on the energy performance of buildings, starting January 1st, 2008. It introduced minimum requirements as well as the principle of classification for existing residential buildings and new constructions. Following an audit, the seller receives an energy passport displaying the details of classification of his/her property. Ever since, a potential buyer can easily distinguish an energy-efficient vs. an energy consuming home. Hence the fees of a house or apartment are more transparent. More info at http://www.passenergy.lu

  • Trust us with your property: A professional response to your request

    Working with NewImmo is the guarantee of professional care for your real estate transactions. When you trust us with your property, the mandate clearly states the nature of the transaction and depicts the various financial points. In addition, we are particularly attentive to any specific request regarding your transaction.

  • Time consideration: Evaluate the transaction time

    When selling your property, a sales agreement is signed and the buyer has a specific deadline, in writing to apply for credit at the financial institution of his/her choice. In case of bank loan refusal, the compromise will be annulled. In the case of a favorable response, it will take an average of one month to carry out the deed.

  • Finalize your transaction: Enlist the services of reactant contractors

    Deeds, insurances, work, new investment: our team is available to direct you to our network of professionals. We have service partners in various business areas in order to meet all the demands of your sale best.


You are looking for property to rent?

  • A wide choice of real estate: To find the right home for you

    At NewImmo, you have guaranteed access to a maximum of properties which are updated on a daily basis. We are perfectly familiar with the properties we rent: you have access to our website as well as clear and precise specifications, with a maximum of details and pictures at our agency.

  • The analysis of your needs: To effectively guide your research

    Renting can be complicated, that is why it is central to analyze your quest thoroughly before beginning with the search. Budget, surface, number of rooms, proximity to schools or businesses, date of the move, etc. are several points which need to be considered. Our agents are there to help you refine your request. Thus, you save valuable time, only visiting those targeted properties which correspond to your criteria.

  • Your guarantees: A comprehensive file to maximize your chances

    When you find the property that suits you, we will create a file consisting of various documents. It is a guarantee for the owner of the property as it ensures the soundness and solvency of the future tenant. The file consists of the employment contract, a copy of the ID and of the social security card of the future tenant. It may also be annotated with specific information (smoking, pets, etc.).

  • Administrative procedures: From the signing of the lease to the handing over of the keys

    Once the file has been accepted by the owner, the tenant will sign the lease and pay the deposit (which generally consists of two months of rent excluding fees) as well as the agency fee (one month's rent excluding charges + 15% VAT). We then hand over the keys to your home. If you need support in any administrative procedure concerning the rental of your property, our team is at your disposal to provide you with the necessary information.

  • Our privileged contractors: To facilitate your move

    We have preferred contracts with several companies and organizations: Arcelor Mittal, the European Investment Bank, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ebay, Amazon, Cargolux, etc. We put all our efforts into leading your search as fast as possible and proceed with your move in the best conditions.

Rental management

You would like to rent your property?

  • Choosing rental management: Selecting a trusted partner

    Rental management is an approach which is particularly suited when buying property for investment purposes. It ensures ease and peace of mind, both administratively and financially. The rental management mandate allows the administrator to accomplish several acts related to the rental or management of your property on your behalf.

  • A comprehensive service delivery: Clearly defined tasks

    Rental management means managing all the tasks related to the rental of a property. It relieves you from the administrative, accounting, legal, fiscal and technical tasks.

  • The operational management: To optimize the monitoring of your real estate

    When looking for a tenant, you are guaranteed to obtain duly filled out application forms, ensuring the solvency of the candidates. The operational management includes the writing of lease agreements, the necessary diagnostics and inventories. We also mandate the competent providers in case of work and repairs which are to be cared for by the owner.

  • The financial Management: To ensure the best economic performance

    Our mission furthermore includes the managing of all the financial steps: issuing notices of expiry, rent collections, expense accruals, payment reminders to tenants, etc. From a tax perspective, the landlord may deduct property management fees, insurance of rent arrears and the share of remaining charges from his rental income.

  • Subscribing to insurance for unpaid rent: To avoid financial loss

    The owner unpaid rent insurance ensures the reimbursement of financial loss due to rent, charges and taxes recoverable. It takes place at the end of the fourth month starting on the first day of default, and compensation is not limited in time. You also benefit from legal protection, as well as the coverage of the costs associated with litigation: legal, bailiff action, attorney fees and costs.

Property agent

You would like to have your condominium managed?

  • Purpose of having an agent: For an overall management of your condominium

    The objective of an agent is to continuously improve the management of your condominium in a personalized and transparent way. Composed of a team of specialists, it facilitates life for co-owners in taking care of all administrative, legal, accounting and technical issues concerning the condominium.

  • Decision Making: Powers and duties of the agent

    The powers are divided between the agent and the general meeting of owners. The general meeting takes the most important decisions, while the agent is responsible for their proper implementation.

  • Task support: A wide range of skills

    The agent takes care of the units: management, administration and accounting of the building. It controls its operations and represents the union in all civil actions and proceedings. Its role is to ensure the increased valuation of the real-estate and the comfort of its residents: it is the special link between the different co-owners and the external stakeholders as well as the management. The agent holds the general meetings and coordinates the various activities undertaken by the con-ownership. It draws the projected budgets up, manages expenditures, and selects the service providers as well as the staff involved with the building. It may also submit proposals for improvements to the co-ownership.

  • Agent liability: A promise of serenity and security

    The agent manages all the insurance contracts. In case of disaster, it it is present, takes all the urgent dispositions and monitors the resulting labor as well as the administrative procedures.

  • Choose an agent: A qualified team attentive to the co-owners

    When choosing an agent, it has a mandate of a maximum of three years. In practice, it is common to appoint an agent for a period of one year. If you are not satisfied with your agent, you do not need to renew the mandate when it expires, or you can revoke the current term under certain conditions. For further information, visit www.agigest.lu

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