Property management

Do you want to let your property?

A property management service frees you from all the constraints and tasks associated with letting your property!

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01. Opting for property management

Choose a partner you can trust

Property management is a particularly suitable approach when buying a property as an investment. It offers simplicity and peace of mind, both administratively and financially.

The property management mandate gives the manager the power to carry out a number of actions on your behalf in relation to the letting or management of your property.

02. A comprehensive service

Clearly defined tasks

Property management is defined as taking care of all the tasks involved in letting a property. It relieves you of administrative, accounting, legal, tax and technical tasks.

03. Day-to-day management

To optimise the monitoring of your property

When you are looking for a tenant, you have the guarantee of receiving duly completed application forms and the assurance that the prospective tenants are solvent. Day-to-day management includes drawing up tenancy agreements, carrying out the necessary diagnostics and taking inventory of the fixtures and fittings. We also take care of appointing the appropriate service providers for any work that is the owner's responsibility.

04. Financial Management

Ensuring the best financial performance for landlords

We are also responsible for all financial procedures: issuing payment notices, collecting rent, adjusting fees, reminding tenants to pay, etc.

From a tax perspective, landlords can deduct management fees, unpaid rent insurance and the share of outstanding fees from their property income.

05. Taking out rent guarantee insurance for unpaid rents

Avoid financial loss

Rent guarantee insurance will reimburse you for financial losses caused by unpaid rent, fees, and recoverable taxes. It comes into effect at the end of the fourth month after the first day of unpaid rent and the compensation is not limited in time. You will also receive legal protection and cover for legal costs such as court fees, bailiffs' fees, and solicitors' fees.